7 Challenges That You May Face When Traveling to China

What Should You Be Prepared for During Your Trip to China?

The experience of visiting China is one that is wholesome and fulfilling in a way that you won’t get anywhere else. However, there are so many challenges that you will face, especially if it is your first time traveling the country. Many of these are because of the culture and the fact that the Chinese like to preserve that while some of them are because of the government. However, this should not discourage you from touring this incredible country; you have to be better prepared.

Language Barrier

This is by far the biggest challenge you will face when traveling in china unless you speak either Mandarin or Cantonese. While English is still embraced in the country, many of the locals don’t speak it, so finding directions or even getting assistance with something is a challenge. In many hotels, even the attendants only speak Chinese so that you may need help with English to Chinese traditional. It is difficult to interact with the locals as well as read directions and maps, so it is best to have your own. The best you can do is to learn a few phrases that can help you at least communicate, but it won’t be easy.

Traveling Is Hectic

China is highly populated, which means that tickets are always in demand, and they may run out before you get a chance to buy. During holidays or school breaks the situation is worse since there are more people buying tickets and their prices may be higher. The problem of the language barrier also features here, so you need to find some English ticket buying services such as:

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Some Hotels Don’t Accept Foreigners

Finding a hotel to stay at especially during the peak season can be hectic, and the best thing to do is to book online before your trip. Many hotels don’t have a license to accept foreigners; hence, if you wait to look for a hotel once you have landed, you may have a big problem. There are some specific websites you can check out for hotels that accept foreigners, but it is crucial to verify that. Ensure that you call or email and ask for clarification to avoid disappointments.

Internet Censorship

One of the best things about traveling is sharing your experiences online, but that is not possible in China. You cannot access Twitter and Facebook in many regions, as well as some other internet content that is censored. The good news is that there is a way around this using a VPN that you may have to pay for, but if you cannot stay without social media, then it is a small price.

High Population

China has a population of more than 1.3billion people, so you can imagine the difficulties that come with that. If you don’t like overcrowded places, then you should stay in the countryside and avoid cities since many of them are overpopulated. Finding a hotel isn’t easy, and neither is finding pretty much anything especially in the cities. Expect many traffic jams if traveling by road which is why the train is the best means to use. If you would like to avoid a bit of this problem, try to go in the off-peak months.


Unless you are willing to eat junk food for the whole duration of your trip, you must learn to embrace Chinese food. It is not easy to come across continental cuisine in China, even in high-end hotels. Most of the food that is served has that Chinese touch, so you must learn to like it. The good news is that Chinese food is excellent, especially if you enjoy rice and noodles since they feature in every meal. However, you can also experience some cuisine from other Asian countries, but many of them are quite similar to that of China.

The Weather

The climatic conditions in China change so often, and suddenly that it may be challenging to figure out what is going to happen next. Many of the areas outside the cities may have warm temperatures but tend to be quite cold, so make sure to carry plenty of warm clothes. In the summer, it gets scorching and humid, and many people struggle, which is another reason you should pay attention to when you are traveling.

Understanding the challenges that you may face when traveling in China is not to discourage you but to prepare you for anything. Information is critical here, so ensure that you do adequate research before boarding the plane, and your trip may be a bit easier to navigate.