All-Inclusive Package Vacation or All-Inclusive Experience?

Many people choose to take all inclusive package vacations for the ease and convenience of having all the amenities, food and drink on hand whenever you want it for no extra charge. The problem is, while it can be relaxing and fun the first couple of times you do it, after a while, that all inclusive package vacation can get a little…boring.

So what to do?

Most likely, another reason why you picked that all inclusive package was because it was also an economical choice. But what if I told you that you could have an exhilarating, romantic, exciting, interesting and educational vacation experience for the same price as that all inclusive package?

Why wouldn’t you try it?

If you go to the more traditional vacation spots like Mexico, Hawaii or the Caribbean, the costs that you run up going to an a la carte (meaning non-all inclusive package, essentially, where you pay for everything separately) can easily double or triple the cost of an all-inclusive package to the same area. The key to getting that amazing vacation experience at the all-inclusive package price is to not go to those same areas. Instead, pick something off the beaten path. Something that hasn’t been completely ruined by the tourist trade. And something that trades favorably with your currency doesn’t hurt either.

There’s a reason why Asia has become the new Europe for backpacking students – those student dollars go a lot farther. That’s not to say that you’ll have to do the whole youth-hostel-sharing-a-bathroom thing either – you left that behind a while ago. But keep in mind that your run of the mill all inclusive package that you’re basing your vacation budget on is way more than most students have to deal with. You’re non-all inclusive non-package will be able to fit all the amenities you want into it. The main thing you have to do to get an amazing vacation at a all inclusive package price is to do a lot of planning. That’s why the all inclusive packages have become so popular – you don’t really have to think or plan. But invest a little bit of time and thought into it, and you can go from traditional Cambodian dining experience to visiting ancient temples so spectacular that they are considered a world treasure.

If planning this all on your own and setting out to a completely foreign land scares and intimidates you, don’t worry. You can still find great package vacations to fantastic Asian destinations like Cambodia. But these packages are not the one-size-fits-all all-inclusive vacations you’re used to; you can pick and choose the package that best suits your wants and your needs. Imagine that, a package that fits you, instead of expecting you to fit the package. For more information on how you can take that all inclusive package budget and turn it into an all inclusive life experience.