Enjoying the ancient beauty of Kyoto

To understand more about modern Japan, you should visit Tokyo. To learn about a traditional Japanese, you should not miss Kyoto – the ancient capital of more than 1,000 years old – one of the best destination of Japanese tourists.

Kyoto, which is no skyscrapers, modern buildings, is the ancient city in the true sense of the word. In return, In return, the ancient capital has preserved many historical monuments, cultural sites, both physical and spiritual.

Kyoto is the embodiment of ancient legendary Japan, with slow, peaceful pace. Estimated that more than half of pagodas, temples, ancient palaces gather in Kyoto. Lower hiden houses, small streets, narrow alleys, more bikes, less cars, minded people who like jogging everyday are features of this city.

Kyoto is located on the island of Honshu – Japan’s largest island, with an area of 228,000 km2. Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Mount Fuji …are also located on this island. Kyoto has 14 monuments recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Kiyomizu (is also called “pure stream”) is one of the world’s most beautiful temple, built in 778 on the hill Otawa, worship Guanyin Buddha with thousand hands. Eastern architectural marvels mainly made of wood with 139 massive columns, that is elegant but solid. Behind the temple there are waterfalls that flow down into three streams, representing people’s aspirations – that love, health and money.

Tourists queue solemn and hold water ladle to catch holy stream from the cliff to drink and pray respectfully. Jishu Shrine in temple worship of love, have 2 small stones spaced approximately 18m. Jishu temple in pagoda worships of love.

This temple has 2 small stones which are spaced by approximately 18m. Men and women often close their eyes and go from rock to other rock. They believe that they can find out their true love if they do it. In fall, Kiyomizu is covered by thousands of maple with bright strange beautiful red. Kinkaku-ji, also known as Rokuon-j built in 1397.

Kinkaku is one of the buildings in pagoda – a 3 – storey buildings reflecting into Kyoko-chi lake. The entire three storeys walls, both inside and outside are covered in gold. Visited the pagoda, the space is filled with gold sacred illusion light. The sophistication is expressed impressive through yellow mainstream of pagoda, the pure blue of the lake, the green leaves of the tree, the blue of the sky. So mesmerizing! Pagoda has 1,000 Buddha statues, the size of the real, of cypress wood, lacquer, painted steel and plated gold.

Kyoto also has many amazing things such as going Katsura river yacht, exploring Maruyama Park; walking around the old town or the village road, enjoying Katsura Rikyu Imperial gardens, admiring the palaces and royal villas … At Kyoto, visitors like wandering along the long, narrow street with ancient houses.

Nishiki – “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, “Capital of the traditional Japanese diet” is one of the most beautiful and ancient market. Colorful tiles with hundreds of stalls facing each other, market sells all kinds of food; from ordinary to luxury, from seafood to agricultural products and foodstuffs.

There are also unique knife stores. Kyoto has many bars, cafes which are extremely cute. Who likes the excitement should go to the super karaoke room. Karaoke is popular type of entertainment throughout the world is derived from the Japanese.

Clean – beautiful – peaceful and ancient are Kyoto’s impression leaving in mind’s tourists.