Similan islands – A must-see tourists attraction to discover

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Similan islands is not far from Phang Nga Bay. Tourists just need 90 minutes by speedboat to reach this group of islands from Phang Nga Bay and about 8 hours by slow boat from Phuket. This place was recognized as a marine national park in 1982. This group consists of nine islands and soon become perfect places for those who are interested in diving and snorkeling.

Tourists can witness various kinds of tropical fish, colorful coral by diving under the sea. Hence, diving instinctively becomes a new popular kind of service here. Visitors can soak up in blue sea water to discover the life under the sea. They will be impressive by the diversity and vibrant movement of sea creatures. This will be a memorable experience in your journey. Plus, you can take most advantages of all the islands’ conditions with the purpose of diving.

On surface the boulders, the lush rainforest and fabulous sand beaches become peaceful place for relaxing. More important things you should drop by this group of islands from December to March. Connect to dive companies are willing to feature tour itineraries and safe diving guides for guests under the sea. The cost for diving companies or the price for renting a boat from the pier at Thap Lamu to anywhere of Hat Khao Lak belongs to the quality, speed of the boat and the number of persons to travel.

Furthermore, you can take a rest in tents and bungalows on Koh Miang. They are available to serve when you need with a bit cost. You also can drop by gift shops to invest in souvenirs and visit small restaurants for delicious meals with seafood.

Last but not least, you had better bring a waterproof camera to store unforgettable experiences during your trip and a flashlight, bug spray if you have plan to overnight there.

In a nutshell, If I were you, I would consider visiting Similan national park to be closer to the ocean and understand more about the fabulous world ocean.