Where Some People Choose to Spend Their Holiday Vacation

Where do people actually go to during the holiday break? Although the usual option is to visit family or stay over at in-law’s home, some people prefer to make the most of their vacation by going someplace else.

Destinations for Great Food

Certain parts of the world are like a huge cauldron of savory food with scintillating aromas, diverse flavors and delectable taste. They are the perfect avenue for foodies all over the world. So where should you go to this holiday season?

Lasagna made of 12 layers of pasta filled with Parma ham, chicken liver, truffles, béchamel sauce and Parmesan cheese should be enough to lure you to this destination, mindless of anything else, but sinking your teeth in it. That’s not all you can eat in Le Marche, but you’ll have to go there to get your fill.

Lobster may be expensive anywhere else, but not Cuba. In this place, you can enjoy huge and sumptuous portions at a cheap price. Enjoy it grilled in the half-shell and then served with lemon and butter. Yum!

If you are crazy about paella, you should try the Catalonian version fideuà. It is still made of a variety of seafood, but noodles are used instead of rice. The combination of ingredients is like being in China and Spain at the same time.

Destinations for a Round of Gambling

Got some dough to spare? You can either waste it or double it, depending on where your luck leans to. So where will you find the best casinos?

There is no way that Vegas will not top the list, what with all the amazing casinos present in the area, from the luxurious to the less popular.

Casinos in this island country in the Caribbean are usually housed in high-rise luxury hotels, such as Aruba Concorde and Alhambra Bazaar where you can play Caribbean Stud Poker.

Gambling tourism is the region’s biggest source of revenue, which means anything and everything related to gambling is well-invested in. There are 18 casinos to choose from, with plenty of hungry tigers (slot machines).